About Halmstad, the Capital of Golf

With sound golfing knowledge and ten well-regarded golfing facilities near the city, we have been awarded the title of Sweden's Capital of Golf by the golf industry. We are very proud of this. There is a wide range, with everything from Halmstad GK, rich in tradition, to the innovative Volkswagen Golf Arena.

Halmstad GK is one of Sweden's oldest and also foremost courses. The club has hosted several international championships over the years such as the Solheim Cup in 2007. In summer 2015, it is again time for a major competition as the European championships for male teams will be decided here. Volkswagen Golf Arena has been named Sweden's best training facility and has received a great deal of international attention. In addition to these facilities, you will find several nice golf courses in diverse environments including several pay and play options, making it easy for all those who are curious to have a go at golf. There are a total of 207 golf holes in Halmstad.

But the Capital of Golf is so much more. Halmstad drives the development of golf. Several young talents are growing up and continuously developing in their home town Halmstad. Furthermore, many boys and girls who choose to focus on golf move to Halmstad to study at the Scandinavian School of Golf, which is the only institution in Europe where you can combine elite-level golf with higher education. There is also advanced research being conducted at Halmstad University concerning golf and health.
In short – we are Sweden's Capital of Golf, living and breathing golf all year round!

The Capital of Golf project

Destination Halmstad launched the project Capital of Golf in October 2012 in order to take advantage of Halmstad's strong position within golf. The purpose is to stimulate the tourism industry in Halmstad and promote growth with more job opportunities in the long-term.

With help from the golf and under the branding of Capital of Golf, growth will be created for the whole tourism industry. By highlighting the city's unique, wide range of golfing facilities, more visitors will be attracted to Halmstad. Visitors to the city will discover and experience golf as well as other tourist offerings. Golfing facilities, hotels, restaurants, museums, shops, etc. will be able to take advantage of the increase in tourism.

The project is aimed at golfers as well as non-golfers, at both visitors and the residents of Halmstad. In addition to attracting more visitors to Halmstad, the project works with giving more people the opportunity to discover and experience the sport of golf in Halmstad.

The project continues until the summer of 2015 under the management of Destination Halmstad and in collaboration with Halmstad Municipality, the tourism industry and the business sector.

Become involved and be a partner!

Would you like to be a part of the Capital of Golf project? You are either a part of the city's tourism industry and want our new visitors to find you. Or you are a business that benefits from Halmstad becoming an even more attractive city. You are welcome to join the project as a partner by contacting project manager Lina Siljegård.

Lina Siljegård
Project Manager at the Capital of Golf at Destination Halmstadexternal link, opens in new window
Telephone: +46 722 29 78 65